Skills for sustainable careers and lifestyles

Our purpose is to help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to build fulfilling careers while overcoming the toughest challenges of our local and global economies. Our curriculum is designed to build inner resilience, master appropriate technologies,
and foster an ethical stewardship that serves communities, environments and markets.

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Our three most popular courses


Solar Energy I

the pace of Solar technology is so fast! use this course to get up to date on how solar energy is being used in a multitude of ways, what career opportunities this opens up, and get an overview of what you need to learn for the various careers.

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What makes us different

Missing the high school to University train leaves a lot of people feeling left behind. With traditional formal education so expensive and demanding of prerequisites, many opt out of pursuing the careers and life goals they once dreamed of. We’re here to help democratize the barriers to a quality and relevant education so that you can get to work on your career and life goals again!

Whether you already have a job, or a business, love traveling or perhaps you’re a parent short on time – education should be a part of your journey! You shouldn’t have to be discouraged because of our circumstances. 

Our job markets and our environment are strained by the current ways we offer education, and the things we miss out on learning. We’re committed to ensuring that the environment, the business community and your lifestyle benefit from a truly sustainable education.