About Us

Carl Andrews, Founder
David McKim, Webmaster
Gordon Andrews, VP Engineering

Who We Are

Academy for Ecological Transition is an international Educational Institution operating in English and Spanish languages, for people from ages 17-48.

Our Creed

Our purpose is to help empower the global movement for transformation away from fossil fuels and towards a new culture where energy, technology, human dignity, and ecology can co-exist. We do this by offering a comprehensive and strategic pathway to authentic careers for young people that includes application of systems theory, understanding of regenerative business and linked cycles, and entrepreneurial strategies. Our Academy is aimed at assisting adults to ride the waves of change with new kinds of careers and new social skills.

We believe that we live in an abundant, limitless universe, that has natural support systems for both humans and other creatures. There are solutions to all of our needs. They just don’t lie with the kinds of leadership that we have depended on historically. They can be enacted through voluntary organization of concerned citizens into careful cooperative businesses,  new cultural and political leaders, and  networked regional educational systems, based on climate regions, appropriate transportation expectations, and the infrastructure that supports democratic government.

Our Plan: We will prepare people for authentic careers using the latest technology breakthroughs, and license to them kits and tools needed to facilitate our society’s descent from fossil fuels and ascent into renewable energy, organic agriculture, ecological-transition, cooperative business, and eco-villages.


During the covid-19 pandemic, we are operating exclusively online as a virtual academy. Our hope is that in early 2021 we can re-open our campus on the Oregon Coast and our training center in Buin, Chile. These semi-rural locations offer opportunities for hands-on learning in solar technologies, organic gardening and living, permaculture, and eco-architecture. 

Meet Our Lead Instructors

We have an international network of future-oriented experienced professors

Carl Saffira

Optimal Performance facilitator. Trained in Shao Lin Chi Gung, Chinese traditional Medicine, Physical Therapy, Alexander Technique,and Nutrition.

Karen Taylor

Organic Living Instructor. Expert in herbology, Permaculture, and Interior Design. 

Rodrigo Valdovinos

Rodrigo Valdovinos:

Solar PV & Thermal facilitator. Award-winning  engineer.

specialist in renewable energy with emphasis on solar thermal and photovoltaic energy.  23 years of experience in research, technology transfer, technical training and project evaluation in the area of solar thermal and photovoltaic solar systems. Trainer of more than 600 specialists in solar energy who today work in the public and private sectors.

Rodrigo Valdovinos: Ingeniero especialista en ERNC con énfasis en energía solar térmica y fotovoltaica. Investigador y Consultor en energías renovables a nivel nacional e internacional. 23 años de experiencia en investigación, transferencia tecnológica, formación técnica y evaluación de proyectos en el área de la energía solar térmica y solar fotovoltaica. Formador de más de 600 especialistas en energía solar que hoy se desempeñan en el sector público y privado.

Gene Griffith

Permaculture and Water science facilitator. Fluid engineering consultant. Manager of Permaculture Field training site And Oregon Solar demonstration site (future)


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