AET 2020 news

October 2020 is here, and our launch as an online academy is happening this month!

Years in the making, we have gathered the best of the information necessary for careers to restore the earth.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “People can evolve, but institutions must be replaced”. Even industry-borne forums and web sites are not keeping up with the changes and innovations that will affect tomorrow’s careers. Our team of investigators and facilitators  have helped us unleashed a new institution that can track the path into the future quicker and more precisely.  This blog will be filled with stories that illuminate the failure of the market-driven corporations to address human needs, and the failures of people trying to do-it-yourself, without benefitting from the knowledge of others to prepare them. Soon we hope to post success stories from those who have taken our courses and are making their way in this complex world.

One thing that has been a shortcoming for other online education platforms is that students are unable to do labs. We took this to heart from the beginning, and we are in process of designing home-lab kits, that students can order and have delivered to their homes. This will enable students to get the full learning experience in the security of their home, including some hands-on experience. Some of these kits are produced in miniature form, and can be used in even modest sized rooms and conditions.

We want to thank the technical gurus at and Cloudways Hosting for their tireless help in getting our web site up and running. Also, we use WordPress with the Elementor Pro page management plug-in. It really makes the process smoother, yet we still would not succeed without the help of our webmaster, David McKim, who has coached our staff in the proper protocols for entering courses and helped set us up to be legal and safe as a web entity.

Finally, I must thank Shawn Fields, our marketing and video editing manager, for his support and expertise. We are really lucky to have stable, dedicated personnel in this time of chaoitic change.

The first courses are all level 1 courses, so the only pre-requisite is that you are 17+ years of age, understand English,  and live in the USA. We will be supporting Latin America very soon, as our courses are being translated into Spanish.  Thank you for your interest in Academy for Ecological Transition.

If you have any comments about the curriculum, please forward them to us at

Thank you

– Carl Andrews, Managing Director


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