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Sustainable Systems Design I

Sustainable Systems Design: methods for designing regenerative systems, e.g. a non-disposable business facilitators: TBA This Unique courses merges the modern currents in systems thinking with the ecological understanding of natural systems.  This will enable you to design systems that are modeled after natural, sustainable systems. (Coming Soon! )

Solar Energy I

Solar Energy I Facilitators: Carl Andrews, Gordon Andrews, Rodrigo Valdovino An overview of the five main human end-uses of solar energy: Electricity, hot water, heating, pool heating, and cooling. Includes intriguing stories of unusual aspects of the field that are usually overlooked. Includes the employment outlook and possibilities for entrepreneurship. Includes overview of tools, measurements, …

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Optimal Performance Techniques I

(IOS) for Optimal PerformanceBy Carl Saffira Introduction: please read before watching the video. What follows is a 15-minute video showing you a set of internal organ rejuvenation exercises. Your internal organs are the foundation of your health and wellness. They work for you tirelessly. It’s time that they received thanks for their work. These exercises …

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