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Before the Pandemic, we had a Permaculture Design Course operating on our amazing site in Southern Oregon. This Two Week Intensive course includes 72 hours of international curriculum plus hands-on workshops. We hope to resume it very soon! Hosted by SCOPE: Southern Oregon Permaculture Ecovillage.

Learn More on a Working Permaculture Site

Many people have trouble translating permaculture from a book to real life. The SOPI permaculture courses are designed to get your hands in the soil in Gold Beach, Oregon. Our members  gain real-world design experience by collaborating in a Group Design Project. A typical day begins with morning class and followed by afternoon half hands-on projects, workshops or design. Every day is different. We have seriously awesome instructors for this course!

Certification: Apprentice Designer

PDC certificate holders are considered apprentice designers until they have had three years of permaculture design experience, after which they become a full designer. Designers gain experience at existing permaculture sites, institutes, work-trade, internships and by designing, installing and maintaining their own permaculture site.  Career designers should also take a permaculture Teacher’s Training course after practicing 5 plus years. To be notified when this course becomes available, enter your email HERE.

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