How I kicked the coronavirus in two days

Yes, I caught Corona Virus. I think eventually everyone will be infected except for very isolated people. But I only missed one day of work. Here’s how I did it: I followed the same routine that worked great for another virus infection, a routine that I learned from a naturopathic physician trained at Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine.
# 1 Drink green or black tea 6 times a day. Take Vitamin C with it 3 times.
#2. Take a bath as hot as you can stand, then drink a cup of cinnamon tea, and get into bed, cover up as much as possible, and sweat!  You will develop a fever, which is the biggest enemy of viruses. A fever puts your immune system into overdrive.
#3. Put three or four drops of tea tree oil in a cup of very hot water, and then put your head down and breath the vapors from this cup. repeat for five minutes. This will clear the virus and bacteria from your throat and lungs.
#4. Eat well, but only soft foods that won’t irritate your throat.
#5. Do the internal organ sequence, which we teach in our course: Optimal Performance Techniques I. This only takes 15 minutes, so do it upon arising, and just before eating dinner.
That’s it! those 5 actions, combined with faith and love for your self, and you will pull through in record time. I am 65 years old, although nobody believes it when they see me. . So, if I can do it at 65, then you can do it. Please, pass this knowledge around to your friends and relatives. It is genuine.

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